Deploy invincible backends

Golem Cloud is a new serverless platform built on an emerging paradigm called durable computing.

With durable computing, Golem Cloud lets you deliver robust backends that never go down.

Unveiling durable computing

Durable computing guarantees your business logic executes completely, even in the presence of updates and infrastructure failures.

From workflows to process automation and microservice orchestration, Golem gives you effortless and flawless reliability.

Invincible Workflows

Deploy stateful, serverless workflows that never go down and that can reliably orchestrate mission-critical processes.

Invincible Actors

Deploy stateful, serverless actors that never go down and that can communicate with each other and the outside world.

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In just a few minutes, you can go from zero to having your first invincible backend deployed to Golem Cloud, using the programming language and libraries of your choice.


Golem Cloud gives you automatic scalability and flawless reliability with a radical new computing paradigm that lets you focus on business logic.

Invincible Execution

Your code executes invincibly on Golem’s durable cloud, which gives you radically simpler ways to build highly scalable and robust backends.


Enjoy automatic scalability and cost efficiency, as well as high productivity and rapid iteration by ditching servers and focusing on business logic.

Fully Managed

Golem Cloud is fully managed, requiring no ops, and a self-hosted edition is available to run hassle-free inside Kubernetes for easy management.

Durable State

Since your workers are invincible, you can store critical data in memory without separate persistence, simplifying architecture & improving performance.


Thanks to verified WebAssembly, your workers run isolated & independent in a completely sandboxed environment, providing a new level of security.


Golem is a fully general-purpose and vendor-neutral cloud computing platform that can durably execute any program that can compile to WebAssembly.

Get started!

In just a few minutes, you can go from zero to having your first invincible backend running in Golem Cloud.

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