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The world’s first cloud computing platform with invisible and automatic durable execution. Golem lets developers use familiar tools and languages to deploy backends that never go down.

How it works


Build Your Backend

Write your backend in any programming language that can target server-side WebAssembly (WASM), which includes C/C++, Rust, Go, Python, Javascript, and others. Because Golem Cloud is serverless, you need only define worker templates, which can process incoming requests and produce outgoing responses.


Define Your API

Using our Management Console, CLI, or REST API, you can define what your API should look like and how every endpoint should map to code that you have implemented in your backend. You can choose to map each endpoint to a new worker, or use long-lived workers to statefully handle endpoints.


Deploy Your API

Using our Management Console, CLI, or REST API, deploy your API to any subdomain of your choosing. Your versioned and automatically validated API will support encryption, CORS, caching, request logging, and other features without you having to write any code or manage any infrastructure.


Automatic Scalability

Golem will automatically scale up infrastructure in order to satisfy any load on your API. If you have mapped each endpoint to a new worker, then you have effectively infinite scalability. If you use long-lived workers to handle some endpoints, you can specify caching settings to handle high traffic.


Automatic Robustness

Golem Cloud supervises each worker and performs continuous incremental snapshotting. If any of your workers are interrupted due to restarts, updates, or infrastructure failures, Golem Cloud restores and resumes the workers on new nodes, ensuring your business logic executes to completion every time.


Operate Joyfully

Connect to running workers to see their status and output, or use our control panel with dashboard to monitor and manage running workers. Test long-running workers for compatibility with hot updates and switch-on features like automatic retries, logging, and telemetry (Coming Soon).


Invincible Execution

Golem Cloud is the only cloud platform that runs your workers invincibly, without requiring that you use custom languages or SDKs. Your workers survive failures, updates, and upgrades, giving you a reliable foundation for distributed, stateful computing.

Cloud Native

Golem Cloud supports WebAssembly, including the new Component Model with full WASI support. Natively designed for cloud applications, WebAssembly gives you security, lightning fast startup times, and the advantages of containers without bloat.

Durable State

Golem Cloud lets your workers be stateful over their lifetime, whether that’s two milliseconds or two years. Minimize your dependency on databases, key/value stores, caches, message queues, and NoSQL stores by storing worker data directly in memory.

Efficiently Scalable

Golem Cloud lets you spin up unlimited numbers of workers, so you can scale to handle the highest production loads. To save you money, Golem Cloud automatically suspends workers that finish, workers that sleep, and reactive workers that are waiting for new commands or queries.

Low Latency

Golem Cloud has among the lowest latencies of any serverless worker solution. After pre-warming, which occurs as soon as your defined and deployed API is invoked, new requests launch workers in microseconds, instantly available to handle new workloads.

First-Class Tooling

Golem Cloud gives you a feature-rich API and command-line interfaces that are easy to use, so you can programmatically manage your own virtual cloud of workers. Over time, Golem will introduce graphical interfaces for management and monitoring.

API Gateway

Golem Cloud includes an API Gateway that lets you craft any API you want for your backend. This API is powered by your workers, and can include features like CORS, caching, encryption, and custom domains. Don't compromise on your backend API.


Golem Cloud lets you use your own programming language, your own libraries, your own frameworks. Running invisibly as a WebAssembly platform, you can create portable workers that can run in any standards-compliant WebAssembly platform.

Secure by Default

Golem Cloud gives you complete sandboxed and independent execution of all workers, relying on WebAssembly’s powerful security model. In addition, Golem Cloud lets you lock down who can invoke which functions on which instances.


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10 active workers
10,000 inactive workers
10 MB / worker
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10 active workers
10,000 inactive workers
10 MB / worker
30 days lifetime
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production plan

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active workers
inactive workers
MB / worker
days lifespan
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