Use Cases

Golem’s invincible cloud platform gives you advanced tools from the future to solve the most challenging problems of today. Explore some of the most compelling use cases.

Business Processes

In managing business processes, durability is key to ensuring consistent and uninterrupted operations. Golem's durable execution allows businesses to implement processes that remain active and consistent, unaffected by system disruptions or downtimes. This robustness is particularly beneficial for critical business operations like order processing, inventory management, and customer relationship activities, where reliability directly impacts customer satisfaction and business continuity.

Infrastructure Orchestration.

Infrastructure orchestration involves coordinating various IT resources and services. Golem's durable execution ensures that orchestration tasks are resilient to failures. This is vital when managing complex deployments, scaling operations, and performing system updates. By leveraging Golem, IT teams can confidently orchestrate their infrastructure, knowing that each component will maintain its state and functionality, even in unpredictable cloud environments.

Business Transactions

Business transactions often require high levels of reliability and atomicity. Golem's approach to durable execution ensures that transactions are executed to completion, maintaining data integrity and consistency, even in the event of failures. This reliability is crucial for financial operations, e-commerce transactions, and any other scenario where transactional integrity is a must, reducing the risk of data corruption or loss.


In advanced AI applications, particularly with complex models like LLMs, execution often involves multi-step processes or iterative refinements. Golem's durable execution ensures the continuity and reliability of these long-running and computationally intensive tasks. This capability is essential for AI models requiring iterative feedback and adjustment, guaranteeing that each computational step is completed without disruption. The practical benefits include uninterrupted iterative processes, efficiency in long-running tasks, and scalability for expanding AI operations. Golem's robust framework is particularly valuable for embedding AI into applications, providing the resilience needed to handle the complexities of advanced models like LLMs efficiently.


ETL processes are critical for data management and analytics, often involving large datasets and complex transformations, which can take a long period of time to complete. Golem's durable execution guarantees the resilience of ETL pipelines, ensuring data integrity and process completion, even if system disruptions occur. This is especially important for businesses relying on timely and accurate data processing for analytics and decision-making.

Streaming Analytics

Streaming analytics involves analyzing data in real-time as it flows through systems. With Golem's durable execution, these analytics processes become more reliable, ensuring continuous data processing and analysis, even in the face of network instability or hardware failures. This ensures that real-time insights are consistently delivered, crucial for scenarios like fraud detection, real-time marketing, and operational monitoring.

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