Golem As The Sponsor Of WASMIO 2024 And Featuring John De Goes Durable Computing Talk

June 22, 2023
Sandra Wolf
We are happy to share the good news with you. Golem Cloud is taking an important step in furthering our involvement in the WASM ecosystem by becoming a proud sponsor of the WASMIO 2024 in Barcelona on the 14th and 15th of March and we're honored to be able to be a Silver Sponsor. We're equally excited to announce that John A. De Goes, the CEO & Founder of Golem Cloud will be speaking about Building Durable Microservices with WebAssembly, an exploration into the future of software architecture and how durable computing can remarkably simplify it.

About John's talk: 

WebAssembly (“WASM”) is still in its early stages and one of its challenges is how to go from a compelling technology to a compelling solution for businesses outside the existing WASM ecosystem.

At my company we have been working to provide at least one solution to this in the form of Golem. Golem allows you to deploy WASM based microservices that not only automatically scale up but are also durable, meaning that if the server they are running on fails or is redeployed the application will automatically be restarted on another server and resume execution in a way that is seamless to the outside world.

Taking advantage of some of the features of WASM, including its sandboxed execution environment, we are able to provide this guarantee regardless of what language the user writes their code in. In this talk we’ll be diving into some of the details of how we do this, including using our own implementations of WASI to track all interactions a program has with the outside world in an “operations log” and smart snapshotting to address some of the common problems that can arise in durable computing.

We’ll also look at how much more is needed for users to be able to deploy their applications with WASM and how we’re working to contribute to an open source ecosystem that makes it easy to communicate with WASM based workers, let them talk to each other, and monitor them, among other things.

See the schedule here.

Visit us at our booth: 

Golem Cloud is not just supporting WASMIO 2024 as a Sponsor; we're working on actively shaping the future of WebAssembly. Visit Us at our booth at WASMIO and let's chat about your specific needs and use cases for durable execution and how we can help you simplify development in your teams by leveraging the power of WASM.

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