Announcing Golem Cloud Gold Sponsorship at WasmCon 2023

June 22, 2023

Golem Cloud: Redefining Cloud Computing with WebAssembly

In the vast, complex, error-prone world of cloud computing, Golem Cloud has emerged as the first invincible cloud computing platform. Powered by WebAssembly, Golem has robust, serverless workers tailored to run amidst the complications of the cloud computing.

Our Proud Association with WasmCon 2023 by the Linux Foundation 

We're happy to announce that Golem Cloud is a Gold Sponsor at WasmCon 2023.

Based on WebAssembly, Golem Cloud is reliable in running programs invincibly. It effectively handles the challenges that can occur due to the nature of cloud computing such as hardware failure, system update, network split, and configuration change. WasmCon 2023 is the ideal event for us to share about Golem Cloud and learn from other experts in the WebAssembly field.

Come join us at WasmCon, taking place on Sept 6-7 in Bellevue, Washington. Over two days, you can attend various sessions, workshops, and keynotes. Whether you're a web developer, in business, or just interested, there's content tailored for you. And when you're there, be sure to visit our booth to chat with us, grab some swag and stickers!

WebAssembly & Golem Cloud: A Commitment Beyond Technology

Our relationship with WebAssembly extends beyond just technical integration; it reflects a commitment, much like our significant contributions to open-source projects, including Open Source endeavors with ZIO. WebAssembly is natively supported by Golem Cloud, forming the backbone of our services. We strive to deliver a cloud solution resilient to hardware failures, software and OS updates, network disruptions, and other common cloud computing challenges. Engaging in events like WasmCon allows us to demonstrate our dedication to the WASM community, as we continue to support, nurture, and contribute to its growth and innovation, as well as encourage OSS contributions to WASM. 

Meet the Visionaries Behind Golem Cloud

Our association with WasmCon isn't just on paper; we're there in person! Grab this opportunity to connect with the very minds that breathe life into Golem Cloud. Our CEO, John A. De Goes, and CTO, Adam Fraser, will be present, eager to guide you through how Golem Cloud is reshaping the world of cloud computing.

For a deeper dive into the world of Golem Cloud, we urge you to book a meeting with our core development team during the event.

WebAssembly's Future is Collaborative

WebAssembly has so much potential, and together, we can unlock the future of it! Whether it's the code you craft, the ideas you share, or the partnerships you form, every effort counts. If you're thinking about joining in and helping shape this exciting landscape, check out the official WebAssembly website. We'd love to collaborate with you!

We are buzzing with excitement and eagerly await meeting you at WasmCon 2023! 

Book Your Meeting with the Golem Team and let's build the future, together!

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