Golem Cloud Webinar: Migrating Auction App Module to Python

September 1, 2023
June 22, 2023

In this week's session, we're focusing on our auction app and the flexibility of Golem Cloud. The core idea of Golem is simple: take ordinary programs, written in any programming language that supports WebAssembly, and execute them in a way that is resilient to upgrades, and updates.

Because Golem can work with different programming languages, we'll be migrating a module in our auction app to Python, exploring how to use Golem with a language that many developers are familiar with. Come join us and see how Golem Cloud interacts with Python!

Join us this Friday at 11:00 am PT, and register here.

If you missed our previous sessions or want a refresher, the recordings are up on Ziverge YouTube! But make sure to join us live and feel free to ask questions, interact with participants, and share your feedback!

Previous sessions:

Join the Discord used for Golem events: https://discord.gg/QMeWmazcE

See you there!

PS. Read our blog post on “Why WASM?” - an introduction to WebAssembly (WASM) with an explanation of what practical benefits this technology provides us with.

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