Golem Goes Open Source: Join Our Webinar on March 6th

March 6, 2024
June 22, 2023
Sandra Wolf
Mark your calendars, on the 6th of March, we're hosting a webinar like no other. Join us as we celebrate a monumental milestone in the Golem journey: the open-sourcing of our revolutionary durable computing software!

What You Can Expect from the Webinar

Scheduled for March 6th, following the launch of Golem Open Source, our webinar is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what this transition means and how you can be a part of it.

Insightful Presentations: Our team will dive deep into the features and capabilities that set the Golem platform apart. You'll learn about the technology that enables Golem to offer durable execution, ensuring that applications run invincibly against all odds, including code updates and system failures.

Interactive Session: Have questions about how Golem can boost your cloud computing projects? This is your chance to engage directly with the creators of Golem and dive into durable computing. Gain insights into the platform's architecture, understand its potential in your work, and see how Golem is leading the charge towards a more reliable cloud computing future.

Save the Date: March 6th at 11 am PT. Let's build extraordinary cloud solutions together with Golem.

Register here.

See you there!

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