Restate Sponsored Hackathon at LambdaConf, May 8th, Estes Park, Colorado

May 8, 2024
Sandra Wolf
Join us for the Grand Finale Hackathon at LambdaConf hosted by Restate on May 8th in Estes Park, Colorado! We're inviting developers skilled in TypeScript, Java, and Kotlin. Are you yearning back to the days when developing applications was simple because you did not have to worry about lost network messages and double writes? Then this hackathon is for you! You will explore the new possibilities of building modern reliable applications based on Restate. It should be as simple as building a PHP app back in the 2000s. Your efforts will be rewarded with amazing prizes, including an iPad for the top app. Join us, and LET’s RESTATE how people develop modern applications from now on.

About Restate

Restate allows you to build modern reliable and scalable applications with ease. Almost any application is a distributed system, nowadays, since they are composed of different communicating components. With every component, the number of possible failure scenarios increases Network partitions, hardware failures, timeouts, race conditions, etc. Restate lets you write distributed applications that are resilient to these failures. It does this by providing a distributed, durable version of common building blocks (durable functions, RPCs, queues, promises, and timers, K/V state, and effects). For these building blocks, Restate handles failure recovery, idempotency, state, and consistency. This way, you can implement otherwise tricky patterns in a few lines of code without worrying about these concerns.

Find out more about Restate and check the docs here

Why Participate?

  • Hackathon Experience: Share your insights, boost your skills, and connect with both the Restate Creators and the LambdaConf Community and Awesome Speakers.
  • Build Your First Restate App: Familiarize yourself with
  • Win Prizes: Get rewarded for your innovative ideas and hard work.


  • 9:00 am introductory session to guide your creative process.
  • 9:45 am-5:00 pm Full build day - bring your Restate ideas to life!
  • 6:00 pm -7 pm: Judging and winner announcement, followed by a recap of the event's highlights.
  • 7 pm Hanging out for dinner with Participants in one of the Estes Park Restaurants (TBD).
  • We reserve the right to expand the hacking if needed.


1# Ipad

2# Headset 

3# Magic Keyboard 

4# Collectible Swag

Sign up Today!

Join us for an action-packed weekend, network with like-minded developers, and make your mark within the Restate ecosystem. If you've been waiting for the right moment to dive into Restate, this is it. Book your slot today for FREE!


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